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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Are you too scared to fall in love?

Title: The Self-Preservation Society
Author: Kate Harrison
Original price: RM 35.90
Our Price: RM 20.00


Self-confessed scaredy-cat Jo Morgan takes everything alive very seriously indeed! As a little girl, she stockpiled baked beans in case of a nuclear holocaust; now she works in accident prevention, trying to protect the world from conker injuries, killer tea-cosies and deah by chocolate. Fortunately, her boyfriend shares her outlook on life, so everything they do involves the minimum possible risk.

Then Jo survives a hit and run accident, and realises she has just beaten the odds. Maybe a bit of living dangerously is just what she needs? But un-learning a lifetime's fears and phobias won't be easy. Jo has a choice: should she carry on living half a life, or leave behind the people she loves?

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